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How to use FlashFXP

How to use FlashFXP, a beginner's tutorial

FlashFXP is one of the best FTP clients available. It’s very reliable, and very easy to use once you get the hang of it. Here is a great tutorial to learn the basics of FalshFXP

Getting Started:

1. Press [F6] to open the options tab.

2. General Tab -

* Email address - leave the default one in place (
* Default download path - this is where downloads will automatically be stored on your computer, change to the folder you want.
* Make sure the following checkbox is checked:
*Send keep alive command (NOOP) every (60) seconds

3. Connection Tab -

* Type = "0. None"
* Check the use passive mode box - almost all of the time you will need to connect in this manner.
* Check the "Send noops during transfer" box - this will work to keep the connection alive once connected.
* Leave the rest alone unless you know what you doing.

4. Options Tab -

* Toggles: check all boxes except the following: 2,7,11
* Confirmations: check all

5. Transfer Tab -

* Options: check following boxes - 1,2,3,..6,7,8
* Transfer Mode - check auto
* Filename Case Conversion - "Don't Convert" option for all three
* On transfer complete - choose an option (Disconnect)
* Check "show confirmation" checkbox

6. Leave the rest of the tabs alone for now.

Select the "View" tab

1. Check the "Show raw command line" and "Show graph"
2. Select "show Winbl@ws" - check all 4 options
3. This will split the application view into 4 quadrants, the left side showing your computer and folder tree and right side showing the FTP folder tree.
4. You can navigate through your computer using the left side of the screen and navigate through the site you connected to using the right side of the screen (after connected)

When you find links to sites that you want to connect too, copy and paste the address into the FlashFXP address bar. The Site Manager can be accessed by pressing [F4] when the applicaiton is running. Once this window opens paste the link address into the [Site Address] field, the applicaiton will automatically parse the link into the correct fields. After pasting the link into the appropriate field, hit the [connect] button.

You can also access this window by pressing [F8] or selecting the lightening bolt a the top of the screen, right side. This is just a different view of the site manager. You can paste links in here also.
If the link address is still valid FlashFXP will connect you to the site. For example copy and paste this link into the [site address] field and press the [connect] button:

This link will take you to the Adobe FTP site, this site is open to the public. Once connected you will see a list of folders that you can browse through that has all of their applications.
Occassionally you will need to connect to site using the NON-PASSIVE mode. This option can be found through the [F8] option and selecting the "Toggles" tab. Make sure the "Use Passive Mode" checkbox is completely clear to connect in this manner. In addition sometimes it is useful to force a server to list all files. To do this, select the "Use Stat-l" checkbox on this tab.

Anatomy of an FTP address

Section 1 - (ftp://) defines connection type FTP vs. HTTP

Section 2 - (movies:pardes) Username = movies: Password = pardes

Section 3 - (@) the word "at"

Section 4 - ( IP Address of site

Section 5 - (65171) Port Number to connect through

Section 6 - (/) This is where any folders would be listed that need to be navigated through

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